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How To Buy From Us


Buying any IT product or supplies from us is as easy as 1.. 2.. 3..


1 Once you have decided on what to buy, Simply request a quote using our free quote form. Please include the correct quantity of the item, the correct product description, your delivery address and a contact telephone number and your payment terms we would act immediately.


2 Once we receive your product request, We will send you an official quote with our delivery terms, the correct price based on your quantity needed


3 If the quotation is approved by you, Kindly issue us an LPO or write back to us to deliver to your location based on Cash On Delivery, Some cooperate companies are exempted from this COD rule, once approved by us based on our discretion, we can proceed with delivery and come back for our cheque within our agreed period. For deliveries outside Lagos, Please kindly note that we would require 100 percent down payment before we can ship your goods any where in nigeria.

Kindly take note that we do not accept credit cards. We have considered the possibility of using this facility sometime in future, but will not be implementing it now for various reasons:


Our official quote is suited to the professional user and to a novice customers who have made the correct enquiries with us before a decision was made, and the customer agrees that he/she has provided the correct product details before making the purchase and that it is suited to their needs and requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I order ?

Ordering any item from us is very easy as ABC

You can call our or send an SMS your request to our Sales representatives or better still send your request via email, Once you send in a quote,We will email you back with an official quote with the cost of the items. For detailed step-by-step information on ordering, please refer above.

How can I pay for Goods bought from you?

Once you have approved to buy from us and provide a delivery instruction, we would act ASAP and we usually collect CASH ON DELIVERY but otherwise as the case may be. You can refer above for more information. Credit cards are not accepted because we do not have these facilities on our site. Payment from your credit card may be done as a direct transfer.Cash, bank transfer (EFT) and ATM transfers.

Do you deliver and how long does it take, and how much does it cost?

Yes, We can deliver to our clients's location both at home and offices, save your time now enjoy express delivery. Kindly give us a call and our delivery personnel always on ground to offer a helping hand. For delivery outside lagos, We work with transport companies (Young shall grow, Ekeson etc), We deliver the items to their park location in lagos and you receive your consignment in their park in your location.

Delivery times to receive your goods may vary according to your location and subject to product availability. As an estimated guideline, delivery to lagos is always a day or next day delivery while outside lagos takes 1 - 3 Days.

Are your products original?

We strive to protect our customers from counterfeit products by educating them on how to detect a counterfeit products, we have close relationship with verified dealers, partners, suppliers and distributors so be rest assured that all products from us are original, a trial will sure convince you.

If my product fails during Warranty, how and where do I get it repaired?

All warranties are covered by the official manufaturer of the product in Nigeria. Arid valok do not cover the warranty. On some products, we will return the product on the customers' behalf. to the approved repair centre in nigeria.


Can I buy from you ?

Yes, please feel free to buy from us, please kindly Send in a free quote and we would reply you the shortest possible time.


Where is your phone number ?

Our phone number is reflected on all our emails, quotes, invoices and web site If you need more information, please email us your enquiry. We are quick in replying within the shortest possible time


Where is your email address ?

you can send in your enquiry using our contact or rather our email is info@arid or


Where are you based ? Where is your address ?

We are based in 9/11 Alli street off tinubu square lagos nigeria.. We DO NOT keep major STOCK at these premises. all items are stored on warehouse and we work closely with distributors to ensure product availability.


Are you an HP Partner?

Yes We are HP Business partner, all our staffs are certified HP sales professionals so be rest assured of quality product and services at all times.


Do you have return policy?

Yes, We offer both pre-sales and post-sales services to our clients. On an event a product fails to meet our client specification, maybe a cartridge not printing fine, We urge them to contact us and we would make for a replacement where possible. Our client"s happiness is our priority



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Save Your Time Now Enjoy Express Delivery

We help customers pursue their business potential without limitations. our express delivery personel are always on ground to make deliveries almost all times. Should you need an instant deliveries to your home or offices. Simply give us a call and we would be glad to offer a helping hand within the shortest time.

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Enjoy Highest
Quality Services Round the clock

Our commitment and mission statement is to be a one stop shop for products within our categories; delivering quality information technology product and sound expertise to our customers. Enjoy quality product first time and everytime with our easy pick up and delivery services within Lagos and beyond.

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Product Availability

We understand the fact that product availability is the key to customer 's loyalty,So we always strive to maintain adequate stocks in our store everytime and as when needed.

Express Delivery

Enjoy the convenience of our same business day express delivery service to your home or office. A fast and reliable option to enjoy the benefits of buying from us.

Competitive Pricing

We offer discounts and special pricings to our customers but gets more better with bulk purchase from us.Doing business with us is quite easy as ABC.


Contact Info

New Address: 9/11 Alli Street,
Off Tinubu Square
Lagos Nigeria
Telephone: 08061283082, 08189827886


If you have any questions about product pricings,
stock availability or informations on how
to buy from us, Please dont hesitate to contact us..

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